Gender Neutral Shared Nursery

After all the nursery inspiration from Nursery Week (start here then click next post to see them all), I couldn’t wait to create a design board for our next nursery. We’re anticipating the kiddos sharing a room, so I put my thinking cap on and designed a gender neutral shared nursery.

Gender Neutral Shared Nursery on Petite Modern Life

Wall Decor

I love wall decor. So much that it can be hard to narrow down what I really want to go on them. Shelves? Pictures? Lighting? You don’t want to overdo it and it really depends on the space that you’re going to use. Here’s what I really want, space depending.

+ Peekaboo Prints by LILAxLOLA : I’ve printed two of their art pieces for my master bedroom and they came out gorgeous.

+ Macrame Wall Weaving: I’ve hung small rugs (like this one) before, but I’ve yet to buy a macrame weaving. I think I’m ready.  I love the colors of this one from Urban Outfitters. It has the balance of girly and boy(y?) that I’m looking for. Do you have a favorite shop for macrame? Let me know!

+ I found this wall hanging on Urban Outfitters as well and I think it would be a super cute mobile for the kiddos. I might have to get two or two different ones, because Reuben loves watching and pointing out his star mobile I made for his nursery.

+ Lastly, I was considering using this rectangular wall grid from Urban Outfitters. I don’t want to do a lot of gold, but am always drawn to just a pop of it. I thought this could be a neat piece above the changing table for hooking some plants, organizers, a diaper caddy, and a switch on wall sconce. What do you think?


Guys I think I’ve found my go to’s for baskets finally. I just can’t spend a fortune on the beautiful hand crafted ones at this time in my life, so until I get there (or get gifted them) I’m finding all I need on Amazon and Ikea!

+ Those two toned baskets are from Amazon. They’re perfect! I love the color options they have for them and the idea of combining the brown with the peach and navy. They’re only 12 inches tall so they’d be perfect for quick toy cleanup and storage.

+ The grass woven basket is from Ikea. It’s 18 inches tall which provides a little more space and out of eyesight for laundry or extra swaddles and blankets. I also love this basket from Ikea (spoiler- it’s actually a plant basket!)


Being able to get cozy on the nursery floor is vital. Basically because it just happens all the time. My son (14 months) loves flopping down for a little floor cuddle these days. It’s adorable. So keeping it cozy is key!

+ I wouldn’t have considered floor pillows in the past, but ever since our son has been able to get to it, he’s been obsessed with cuddling on the dog’s bed in our room! I don’t blame him really, those Costco round dog beds (see pic above!) are so cozy! I might just need to a few more of those! But these floor pillows from Urban Outfitters are so cute and cozy looking. Also the colors go with the room!

+ We used the Nuloom Trellis Rug in our Space Themed Nursery already so it’s the perfect fit for the gender neutral shared nursery. You can find it on Wayfair, Overstock, and RugsUSA pretty frequently. Just price check them against one another to find the best deal!


+ We already have the Babyletto Hudson Crib from Reuben’s nursery and really love it. Read more about the Hudson Crib in this post.

+ Instead of getting a matching crib, I’m considering this simple pine crib from Ikea or one of the simple, inexpensive ones from this post. Sometimes it’s nice to not be matchy matchy.

+ This past nursery I’ve been using the Ikea Poang rocking chair and it’s juuuuust not cutting it. It really doesn’t rock in my room and the wood arms and exposed feet that slightly jut out made it rather precarious to nurse without bonking the babies head. I’d use pillows and blankets, but it would get crowded and sloppy. SO that chair is getting the boot and I’m going to get this glider from Amazon. It’s very high backed and a pretty color and shape. I think it’ll do the trick!

Is there anything I’m missing for a gender neutral shared nursery? Do you have some products that you’ve used, spotted, or love? Let me know below!

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