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I’ve finally reached the end of pregnancy with baby number two! Any day now. I’m basically begging my body to go into labor, but so far no dice. I’m excited and not nervous this time around knowing what is in store. I’m definitely praying it goes faster than my previous 22.5 hour labor, but we’ll see what happens. I’m also ready because the tiny house girls nursery is done!

I use the phrase “nursery” loosely, because really, she’s sharing a room with us until who knows when in our apartment situation, so she actually just has one wall dedicated to her. But of course I had to make it count for my first baby girl! I condensed the inspiration and color love from this post where I talked about the two sharing a nursery and brought in some new elements. Here’s our tiny house girl’s nursery!

{ links to all room products are at the bottom of the post }small living girl nursery small living girl nursery small living girl nursery small living girl nurseryIt’s so sweet to look up out of bed at this precious space, knowing our baby girl will be filling it so soon!

You might be wondering what is all hanging on that coat rack! The bottom three items are ring sling baby carriers from Wildbird. I have Turaco with rose gold rings, Galah double linen with gold rings, and Parakeet with silver rings. I’ve been using them with my toddler and they’re so amazing. I can keep him on my hip off my belly and grocery shop, make dinner, or just snuggle him around the apartment for a bit. He loves being in them so I’m excited to have them around and especially for when baby girl is here. The top left is a nursing/carseat cover from Native Wilds. On the right is a Solly Baby Wrap in French Stripe. I wanted to have extra baby wearing options this go around knowing that I’ll be chasing a toddler with her strapped on me the majority of the next year. I plan to put a lot of mileage on all of these. Even the husband has carried the toddler in the sling!

Next, the moses basket and rocking stand. Oh my goodness how my heart melts over this. It’s a dream come true! The moses basket was purchased through the Design Dua, made with Elephant Grass and shipped out of Ghana. The craftsmanship is so beautiful and sturdy. My husband made the stand from this amazing Ana White tutorial. We made ours out of cedar and decided to not stain it. (Actually we haven’t even sealed it yet.) I bought two, three dollar belts from Walmart to use as the braces on either end. It turned out amazing.

He has many talents including being an amazing daddy. Love you sweetheart. Here’s some pictures we took on what might’ve been our last date night before baby girl gets here.

Thanks for following along our adventures and our tiny house girls nursery reveal. I can’t wait to share our sweet girl with you when she comes out into the world!


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