Space Themed Nursery!

Happy Friday everyone!  Today I’m very excited to finally be sharing our Space Themed Nursery with you! It’s done and ready for the arrival of little Reuben Cash. Sooo you can come out any time you want little guy! He’s definitely been partying it up in here. The other night my husband’s eyes got huge as he watched him do a performance of sorts across my entire stomach. I’m quite impressed with how much movement they can have and STILL be inside. Holy cow. You’d think they’d just wiggle themselves right out! (No contractions necessary right?? ;)

So about his nursery! I kept the color of the original room (of which I’m uncertain of the name and brand!) and painted the baseboards and door trim white. I really wanted to go for a simple, natural palette of white and birch against the dark walls and am so happy with how it turned out!

Space Themed Nursery with sources | Petite Modern Life

I was originally going to get this crib from Ikea, but when I was in my local store all the cribs had “out of stock” tags on them. Looking online they had no estimation for when they would be getting more so I started brainstorming other options. First I found this crib on Amazon that was almost identical to the Ikea crib. Before committing, I decided to check Craigslist for any options. That’s when I found the modern beauty we ended up with! It is a Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 convertible crib and they sold it to us for less than half the new listed price. We were stooooked. And it was our first baby purchase at that which made it start to feel so real :)

Space Themed Nursery with sources | Petite Modern Life

Space Themed Nursery with sources | Petite Modern Life

I also found our Ikea Poang rocker on Craigslist for a great price. I like that it doesn’t take up too much space and that the back is high enough to comfortably rest/fall asleep in while feeding the babe. So many of the cute modern chairs I loved didn’t have that type of support and the practical side of me won over my “I’ve always wanted that” side.

Space Themed Nursery with sources | Petite Modern Life

Space Themed Nursery with sources | Petite Modern Life

The mobile was so easy it can hardly count as a DIY. I took a picture clip mobile I had laying around and attached little craft wood stars I purchased at Joann Fabrics. It’s attached sturdily with fishing line to a clear tack in the ceiling.

I loved this curtain rod from Ikea! It was the perfect fit (and price) for this space.

Space Themed Nursery with sources | Petite Modern Life

The changing station! I’m so happy with the way it turned out: modern and practical! The shelf unit is an Ikea Kallax with the Lekman storage boxes. The gorgeous feet are brought to you from Pretty Pegs!

*Pretty Pegs provided these legs for the nursery and I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the product, ease of install, and overall look!*

This cute little hanging storage idea is from Vintage Revival’s nursery reveal. (See her easy peasy DIY here!) My diaper organizer is a coinciding Ikea product.

Space Themed Nursery with sources | Petite Modern Life

Also, do you love these little drool bib bandanas!? (heart eyed emojis ^10) I think I’m definitely going to need to get the others sets… They are SO SOFT. Maybe they come in my size too…

Space Themed Nursery with sources | Petite Modern Life

I was so stoked on these prints from a new favorite print shop: We Are Brainstorm. They are simply awesome, nerdy, and cool- everything we hope for this little dude ;)

Space Themed Nursery with sources | Petite Modern Life

Space Themed Nursery with sources | Petite Modern Life

Space Themed Nursery with sources | Petite Modern Life

Yes, also nerdy cool? The Star Wars blueprint posters I bought of the Millennium Falcon and X-Wing fighter. I cannot wait to introduce this boy to all the goodness that is Star Wars. Growing up my sisters and I may or may not have had Jedi robes and lightsabers which we wore down to our neighbor boy’s house for epic backyard play set battles. Just saying.

Space Themed Nursery with sources | Petite Modern Life

This little alien could be making a landing anytime in the next few days, buuuut I’m also a realist and know he might choose to hang in there for the long haul (but he WILL have an eviction date!) I’ve gone through just about all the emotions leading up to this: Awe, excitement, denial, nerves, pee myself fear, ready or not bravery, and glimpses of the intense love I’ll have for this boy that God has blessed us with. Michael and I are ready for this next adventure! Thanks for checking out our space themed nursery!

Nursery Sources:

ceiling light: Amazon

rug: Overstock

star light strand: Target

rocking chair: Ikea

chair cover: old faux fur rug

crib: Amazon

shelves: Ikea + Ikea

letters: Target

mobile: Amazon + Joann Fabrics

Millennium Falcon print: Amazon

Star Fighter print: Amazon

curtain rod: Ikea

blackout gray curtains: Amazon

cellular blind: Ikea

hanging basket: Ikea

diaper caddy: Ikea

gray steel diaper pail: Amazon

diaper wipe dispenser: Amazon

changing pad: Amazon + Amazon

shelf unit: Ikea

storage boxes: Ikea

table legs: Pretty Pegs *thoughtfully provided by Pretty Pegs*

science prints: We Are Brainstorm

bandana bibs: Amazon

baby footies: Hatley

Space Themed Nursery with sources | Petite Modern Life

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