The Ultimate Guide to Office Desks

I started on the office this past weekend and have been headstrong in wanting to get it done! On Monday I shared my Black and Metallic Office inspiration board.  Because I’m headstrong (aka a chaotic decorating tornado) my husband encouraged me to decide what desk style I wanted before commencing with the other details. He is usually the better at planning in this relationship and I (though sometimes begrudgingly) am always better off for it. But since I like to set a quick pace with home projects (sometimes to Mr. G’s dismay), I started brainstorming desks right after he gave me the direction!

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I envision our desk with a white top, but haven’t decided the legs yet. Modern, perhaps slightly industrial, clean lined, and without too many areas to dust (because aint nobody got time for that). I quickly found an array of desks from Target, Ikea, West Elm, Design Within Reach (DWR), and Room & Board that fell into my categories. Of course most are out of our budget to buy in store, but not all are impossible to build ourselves or find a cheaper version of elsewhere. There are so many amazing styles to be inspired by in the list below that I’m just going to stare at them and email/text them to my husband for the next hour or two (yes we’re in the same room..) So without further ado, the ultimate guide to office desks!

The Ultimate Guide for Office Desks: Various prices and inspiration to build your own!

/ 1. / Function Plus Desk with Drawers | Target | $200

/ 2. / Techni Mobili Writing Desk | Target | $150

/ 3. / Threshold Widham Desk | Target | $170

/ 4. / Belnick Writing Desk | Target | $87

/ 5. /  Room Essentials Desk & Metal | Target | $70

/ 6. / Monarch Specialties Hollow Core + Metal Computer Desk | Target | $277

/ 7. / ALEX | Ikea | $160

/ 8. / Threshold Basic Desk | Target | $110

/ 9. / Grove Desk | Room & Board | $1000

/ 10. / Ameriwood Writing Desk | Target | $100

/ 11. / Moda Desk | Room & Board | $500

/ 12. / Celine Desk | DWR | $985

/ 13. / Mid-Century Mini Desk | West Elm |$400

/ 14. / Tvilum Desk | Target | $200

/ 15. / Pencil Desk | West Elm | $400

/ 16. / Royce Desk | West Elm | $1900

/ 17. / Rustic Storage Desk | West Elm | $500

/ 18. /  Laquer Storage Desk Set | West Elm | $1300

Gorgeous aren’t they? Of course I’d be head over heals if a desk — ok ANYTHING from DWR landed in my house, but for now I’ll be thankful that stores like Ikea + Target can provide alternatives to the more expensive options. Although, we’ve talked about building our own, which is something we’ve had on a house bucket list, so we’ll let you know!

Where have you found a great desk? Have you build one yourself? Please share with me!

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The Ultimate Guide for Office Desks: Various prices and inspiration to build your own!

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