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Happy Monday to you!  I hope you had a lovely fall weekend. It finally feels the part here in Seattle. The clouds stayed, there were spots of rain, a little thunder, and — I turned on the heater. :) To top it off, my family celebrated a Canadian Thanksgiving on Sunday so I got all the fine festive foods a whole month in advance! (Canadians are the best.)

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{Our little “family” heading up to Anacortes for Canadian Thanksgiving}

Back on Saturday, Mr. G and I dove into our individual projects. Mine were notably more fun {sewing and decorating}, his were extremely more accomplished {changing the car’s breaks and spark plugs}. Serious kudos to this man who just checks his youtube videos and gets stuff done.

I’ll share one of my projects with you today. It started last week at Lowes, when I grabbed a small copper pipe just because. I figured I could use it to make a flag for an empty space in our entry way. After staring at a bag of fabric I’ve had since December, I decided to go with a gray linen piece. I wasn’t sure what I wanted on the flag. I thought about drawing or writing a phrase on it with my white paint pen, but couldn’t find said pen and my husband had the car up on jacks, so I decided to make do with something else I had on hand. The Red Cross flag kept surfacing in my head, but I was hesitant to sew a cross… I know, I could probably figure it out, but I’m a novice sewer. Then I remembered a purse that broke recently and BINGO.

DIY Leather & Linen Flag with Copper Pipe

I used the faux leather strap and sewed it down on the fabric. Easy peasy.

DIY Leather & Linen Flag with Copper Pipe

I only had grey yarn to string it up, but I’m not sure if I should get white thin rope. What do you think? I even spray painted the tiny tack copper!

DIY Leather & Linen Flag with Copper Pipe

Lighting isn’t phenomenal in that room, but I kinda like the way the flag blends in. I’m especially happy to have found a way to incorporate more leather in the space along with the couch. This could be a fun and easy project (easily made no-sew) if you have an old purse laying around or thrift one. It’s nice that you can sew on their already sewn lines and seems!

Check back Wednesday for some of our fall decor happening.

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Petite Modern Life

Petite Modern Life

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