Easy Diy Christmas Decorations!

It’s DIY Christmas decorations time in the city— or far back country if you’re singing it from my house! Yes, I’ve started to feel that back country feel as winter settles in on this side of the Cascade Mountains. The days are sunlight short, kiddo long, and getting cold. When the sun goes down there’s no city glow in our sky and the town is quiet. I think everyone is hibernating? If I suddenly woke up in New York City I think my body would go into shock at this point!

DIY Christmas Decorations

One bonus of winter hibernation is crafting for the holidays! Besides birthdays, I hardly ever craft during the year. But when December rolls around it is craft central in da house! I love creating my own Christmas decor and this year I had a stronger vision for what I wanted to do and a lot of fun crafting the items delivered to my doorstep!

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