Parenting Tips for the Anxious Mom

Last weekend I took a shower (always a highlight), put on makeup and a dress (what?!), bought myself flowers and said, “babe you’re going to take some feminine pictures of me because I  feel beautiful.” Have you ever done that?! Do it! Just do it. In fact, if you’re north of Seattle, WA email me at [email protected] and I’ll do them for you! I even threw something clean on my kiddos and got spring pictures of them.

They’re pretty adorable. And even though every picture of my son is right after my husband chased him down and literally threw him, laughing hysterically, next to his sister only to have him jump up and run off 10 seconds later, I managed to get a few suitable pics of them together.

Since there were no tears and tantrums (from kids or mama), I deemed the shoot a success.

I recently opened up on Instagram how nutty you can feel as a mom.

It’s ok to admit that there are definitely hard days, weeks, or seasons. Two little ones with growing and changing needs have put me in a whirlwind of chaos (good and stressful) that sometime make me feel like I’m drowning. I often try to pin down why I feel anxious and overwhelmed, but some days, like this week, I’m pretty sure it’s just because I’M A MOM, and it’s not always an easy job.

I tend to like things orderly, respectful, and on the quiet side — AKA the opposite of a two year old boy! Ha! Jokes on me! ;)

BUT — I don’t want them to grow up with a stressed out mama. I want them to remember a mom who made the best of every moment with a smile on her face and a deep, true, never ending love clearly written on her heart. I’ve failed HARD at that of late — HOWEVER it’s not TOO LATE to pull myself up by the bootstraps (or nursing tank straps!) and try again.

I want them to remember a mom who made the best of every moment with a smile on her face and a deep, true, never ending love clearly written on her heart.

By grace, I have a loving savior that isn’t stressed out by me, and continues to love and encourage me every-single-day. He knows momming is a hard task, yet somehow he still trusts me to help work out his love and plan for my babies. He wouldn’t give me such a project without being there to help me and also make up for my inadequacies.

A lot of those truths were compounded into my heart while reading this parenting book by Paul Tripp. It’s an easy read with overflowing encouragement and fundamental, biblical, truths about God, us, and our kids.

I’m no guru, but let’s encourage one another with what helps us get through these weeks!

Parenting Tips for the Anxious Mom:


Exercise/get outside everyday.

I get myself caffeinated and maybe some breakfast with the kiddos between 7 and 9 am. I also get all my running gear on, the toddler dressed, and the baby ready (fed, pooped, nursed) for her nap before 9 am. As soon as I lay her down we head out the door for a 3 mile run around the neighborhood (my parents or work from home husband keep an eye on the monitor.)

{ see my running gear here }

Once we’re back at home, I let Reuben run around outside while I do some toning workouts using the Nike Training app. Usually a 15-20 minute abdominal workout. I love this app. During the workout it shows you how to do the exercises, speaks out loud tips for doing them better, and a timer for each exercise. Check it out!

Get nap times at the same time:

Ava is 7.5 months old and is already down to two naps a day. She naps at 9:15 am and 1 pm. Both for abouuuut 2 hours each (give or take). If she wakes up before 2pm, I try for a 4pm catnap. But if she sleeps past two, I keep her up till their 7 pm bedtime. Same naps means quiet time for mama to do things she loves like edit pictures, write blog posts, or catch up on emails! (Or play Words With Friends and eat chocolate…)

Just get outside:

I’ll admit, for all my adventuresome ways, getting outside with two littles is exhausting and hard to for me to do. I’ve rarely take them both anywhere uncontained (aka anywhere that isn’t the library), but we try to get outside somewhere even if it’s only the backyard every afternoon. This always helps my toddler burn some crazies out and even though I can’t do computer stuff, I get some fresh air and bonding time with the babes. They just want us right?! This is when I need to attitude and energy check myself the most, because I’d always “rather be doing something else.”

“Jesus help me to love where I’m at before I look and they’re all grown up..” :(

Do something you’re passionate about:

I love taking pictures, editing pictures, and sharing pictures. So I do it! I also love going on walks with the stroller. Takes a little energy, but the kiddos relax and quietly enjoy the ride so it’s usually a win. I also challenge myself to learn new things and make new things for my blog and photography/design business. Challenging my creative mind keeps my juices flowing! What are you passionate about? What do you want to learn?

Ask for help:

Living with my parents one minute away (that’s me not saying we “live with my parents”) has been amazing, sometimes hard/weird, but amazing, and a great way for me to practice asking for “HEEEEELP!” Haha, yes, usually hollered out in that way! I do this for my exercise times, getting groceries, and for date nights (one of which needs to get in the books ASAP.) I’m totally lucky right now, but once we move, I’ll need to be even more bold and find help to keep me sane and grounded.I hope some of this resonated with and encouraged you. (Or at the very least, you enjoyed the pics!) What things throughout the week help you to overcome being an anxious mom?

I’ll share my spring fashion finds next week!


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