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Moving into our new house is going to be a fresh start on many levels, but specifically organization. I would say I’m decent at throwing clutter out every 3 months, so hopefully we won’t have that much junk to begin with when we move. And since we’re planning on remodeling the kitchen first, I thought now, would be a fine time to learn how to best maximize kitchen storage. The Murphey House kitchen is medium/small and lacking in a closet pantry. Because we’re basically bringing our kitchen back to the bare nothins, except for the sink and appliances, I have the opportunity to make a difference in storage from the get go. {Check out my Kitchen Inspiration Post to see our plans and desires.}

Using my favorite learning and inspiration tool:, I simply searched “kitchen organization,” and took notes on reoccurring themes different architects and designers used. The biggest theme was DRAWERS. Everywhere, for everything, in every shape, and every size. Drawers, drawers, drawers. Why? Unlike cabinets, you can easily open and select your item without having to hunker down and blindly sift through the darkness. I battle with my cabinets daily. They usually win. I only feel like I’ve won when I’ve managed to shut the door entirely.

Check out my Houzz board for kitchen organization inspiration!

With the help of these pictures, we’ll be able to measure our kitchen and map out how to most effectively utilize the space. Then we can start looking at different cabinet manufacturers. We’re hoping to make Home Depot work, but we’ll be checking around. If anyone has suggestions of a legitimate, inexpensive cabinet manufacture let me know!

My next step in preparing to move, design, and fill a kitchen is to make a list {I really do love a good list..} of everything in my kitchen right now. I’ve divided it into the following categories that personally help me see what my greatest storage needs/desires are in a kitchen. Here’s what it looks like.

kitchen organization sheet

That’s it for now on kitchen organization. Let me know what your favorite kitchen design and organization tips and tricks are! I can take all the advice I can get!



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